Sunday, October 12, 2008

2 days road trip to melaka

hurm,i actually didn't expected diz trip.i juz knew when at da dawn(on friday) my father asked me to prepared to balik kampung.also he told me dat juz a balik hari trip.but then becoz of certain problem,our trip extend to 2 days.huhu...

1st day of trip
well,kind of surprise actually on diz trip becoz diz is da 1st tyme i took some pictures in my trip.(except program trip la). i start the trip at 7 am.juz driving straight to melaka using highway until senawang then take off the highway and used jalan lama saje. (save cost of toll.hehe....). i reached melaka at 10 am(if im not mistaken), i first visited my cousing grandparent(i call them nek busu & atuk busu) at padang jambu. juz a chit chat there(well,im young and they are old.what else can we talk about rite?). then i leaved there at 11 am and went to my grandpapa & uncles grave.after some prayer, i went to my grandmama grave. hurm..actually,there something mesmerized me there about the decoration of the grave there(i'll explain later in the next post). about half n hour i've been there, i went to batu berendam at my uncle's house(and also my village). the besh thing about this aunt of mine is,she is a very very very kind woman. she like to treat everyone who came by to their house. and she is very very very kind also becoz even you have eat alot,she will make sure you will eat again and again until u are very very full. haha...funny actually every tyme i think about diz, but she is really kind. at nite, i spent time with their son, sulaiman in front of tv. well, nothing to do rite. so, gerak khas(tv2)-->ayat-ayat cinta(tv3)-->mcguyver(tv2)-->lambaian syawal(tv3). after all da show then i realize dat is i am da only one who is watching the tv actually becoz others had slept a while ago. haha...about 3 am, then i went to bed.

my granddad grave(da one dat has grill)

my grandmama grave

my kind aunt

his husband~

their son(sulaiman)

2nd day of trip
i woke up at 7 am and then went to da kitchen to eat breakfast. always, my kind aunt treat us until i full. huhu...then i ask them to leave(segan lak lepak umah orang lame2...). then i went to pantai puteri(previous name is tanjung keling) becoz my mom want to find something there(until now i dont know wat is it.huhu....). well, kind of remind me of "welcoming break 07"(organized by prsuniten) actually when i arrived there. about half an hour i lepak, then i went back to my home. at high way, i took a break a while at R&R seremban. then we continued our trip and reach home about 12 am.

pantai puteri(1)

pantai puteri(2)

R&R seremban