Sunday, February 1, 2009

Food Tasting @ Palaca of da golden horses

first and foremost, i want to thanx all da uniten gradnite09 committee for inviting me for uniten graduation nite 09 food testing tasting at palace of da golden horses.

Title: Food Tasting(bukan testing lol)
Venue: Restoran Kim Ma
Date: 1 Februari 2009
Time: 12 pm - 3 pm

The Restaurant

The Ballroom

Four Happiness Hot & Cold Appetizer Combination

Hot & Sour Szechuan Soup

Deepfried Boneless Chicken With Thai Sauce

Deepfried Seabass with Seeallot and garlic sauce

Stirfried Siew Pak Choy with mushroom and yam roll

Chinese Yong Chow fried rice

Chilled longan with almond beancurd

Baked golden lotus paste pastry

Chinese tea

p/s: ouh,sangat seronot+sedap+delicious+speakless...rugi la sesaper yang tidak pergi.(termasuk aku)