Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lucky day~ is my luckiest day!haha....
i've got sooooooooo much luck in diz day.

Lucky 1
late coming to clazz but da lecturer haven't arrive yet.huhu...

Lucky 2
solving da problem dat everyone dont know.kacak giler!

Lucky 3
excellent in da mock calling test for industrial training by my lecturer(da besh bebeh!) and then da clazz finish early 1 hour becoz of me la.saper lagi.huhu...

Lucky 4
elected to become da president for da computer club.hebat tak?huhu...

Lucky 5
Boroy blanjer satay.huhu... diz is da lucky 5 thing today for me.hope diz lucky continue la kan..

p/s: lucky thing always has a way go sour.huuuu....takot.