Monday, March 9, 2009

The name is Aidi Safuan Adha

The name is:
Aidi Safuan Adha.

I am:
20++ today.

What i think about life?
- simple.enjoy my life!do what i can or cannot(but there is always have line between what i can or what i can't)

- Happy go lucky
- Un anger person(those who are very lucky can see me get mad)
- always have crazy thing to do!
- Kind(haha...)
- Attractive(or like to attract people.wahahaha!)
- always believe in "what goes around come around" phrase

- owh...of course la tidak hensem sama skali.haha...
- pendek!
- busuk!
- gemok!

so, if u are interest to diz kind of guy, sila la berkawan dengan beliau.but if u are not, u can leave him for good.kowt2 ade yang takleh terima sifat kanak-kanak ini yang asik bermain jer, sila la maafkan beliau.da memang sifat dier camtuh.if u want me to be juz like what u like/want, not dat type of guy u are looking for. thank you!

p/s: buhsan2 beginilah jadinyer....