Friday, August 28, 2009

Good guy & Bad guy

There are a very common different between the good guyz and the bad(or maybe worst) guyz in malaysian perception. to know either A person is a good guy or a bad guy, u can read da description below.huhu...

usually, in our eyes. da bad guyz is a person who:
  • going to club, disco, pub, bar, theater and etc etc. so then human-being will call u "kaki-enjoy"
  • have too many opposite gender frenz. after dat people will say u are a playboy/playgirl.
  • cheat, eventhough juz a time in the life. then the world will treat them as liar.

to be a good guyz, u juz need to be:
  • RELIGOUS. not a real religious actually. juz let people see u in mosque, church or temple. then people will treat/call/say u are a very-very-very good/great/saint bla bla bla..either u are muslim, chinese, kristian, indian or jewish. people juz dont care. even u are a very dangerous killer wanted by CIA, juz go to the worship centre. then u will be transform by people mindset dat u are a nice, very good people.

dats the normal-typical mindset of human being. can diz changes?hurm...