Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hi-Tea Buffet in Hotel Equatorial Kuala Lumpur

Its almost a month(or more) the hi-tea buffet i have in hotel equatorial KL actually. since i have a problem with my digital camera recently(refer here). cant upload da picture i've taken at dat time :(

dats me promoting the coffeshop. (-_-")

owh, forgot to tell u dat i recieved a voucher for the hi-tea becoz of dot dot dot(cant tell u guyz why actually.huhu...). the hi-tea took place in Nipah Coffeshop in first floor of equatorial hotel. wow~

this is a nasik campur. i wonder why my partner want to eat this at dat time becoz we are eating at hotel for free u know! shouldn't we grab something we never tasted before?haha...

this is a mini steak. wow, they really mean it when they said it is "MINI" steak.
it is really mini in size. sob2...

the next one is satay and a something dat i cant recall wat it is(on the left side).
but it tasted good..

after dat, i was having a creamy croissant. it tasted reeeeaaaaalllyyyy great guyz!
wow. never tasted it before~

and da last one is dessert. really love them. hurm~

dats me with a baik+sopan face in front of delicious food.haha...

p/s: its RM55.00++ for da hi-tea on weekend. i wondering if i be able to eat there anymore next time. (-_-')