Monday, August 31, 2009

How to manipulate people

I juz received a BUZZ!!! from my long-lost fren from secondary school at Yahoo Mesenger. Yeah, she online frequently than me. but never chat with me before. hurm...

Li***: BUZZ!!!
Aidi-Safuan: yeah?

Li***: bizi ker?
Aidi-Safuan: nope. juz got back from Merdeka celebration at Mcdonald. why lar?

Li***: no lar..juz asking only. always missing u.haha.
Aidi-Safuan: yeah, u missed me than never ever contact me before....

Li***: ala, sorry too busy lor..
Aidi-Safuan: dat. always dating is considered as busy rite?haha...

Li***: iskk...okay2. juz wanna ask u lar. u know wat is kompoZer?
Aidi-Safuan: erk...da song creator.rite???

Li***: no lar..kompoZer is a program la. used to create a website
Aidi-Safuan: never heard of it. html, php then i know. wats dat kompoZer thing has to do with me?

Li***: me la Aidi-Safuan. i trying to create a website since diz morning until now. but i still dont have anything. have to submit it diz monday. sob2...
Aidi-Safuan: erk...i dont know anything about dat lar..sorry...

Li***: hurm....its okay la Aidi-Safuan. sorry to bother u. i already know dat u cant help me.sob2.....:(
Aidi-Safuan: adoih lar...okay lar..i'll help u. wat u dont know la?

Li***: i'll send u da file okess.then u know wat to do.
Aidi-Safuan: need lar. i can google it myself.

Li***: yeah. but u dont know about wat my lecturer want me to do lar...
Aidi-Safuan: its dat mean u want me to do ur assignment?

Li***: nope lar. juz want u to know the whole thing about kompoZer. after dat u can know about it and u can teach me lar...
Aidi-Safuan: erk...u dont understand anything about it? try searching in youtube. maybe it can help.

Li***: already searched. but still dont know wat to do. plz Aidi-safuan. plz help me...sob2....:(
Aidi-Safuan: come u dont understand anything about it? u said dats ur subject course.

Li***: its okay la Aidi-Safuan. no need to ask ur help lar...too much question la. im already stress.then u juz add it. hurm....thanx lar Aidi-Safuan..hurm...:(
Aidi-Safuan: okay2...i'll help u okay.(u got me. damn it!)

p/s: 4.41 am - playing around with kompoZer.hurm....