Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I don't give a sheit

Yeah, i don't give a sheit anymore. who cares about what i post in diz freaking blog. you can talk all you can. but nothing you talk will hurt me anymore.
3 days i've been thinking about what i have done to the world. yeah, 3 days i've been silent and hibernate from posting any comment in diz blog. right now, i've decided dat i dont care anymore! U can talk sheit to me all you want, u can hate me all you want. BUT, Aidi-Safuan will not back off anymore!

There are reasons why Aidi-Safuan will not back off to those who just talk and talk anda talk only.

1) I didn't get Shout! Award tickets if I bow my head to you
2) I didn't get Anugerah Juara Lagu 23 tickets if I lick your ass.
3) I will never get into Estranged-In No Time Music video if I juz listen to your god damn words

4) I won't going to Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian if I say yeah to all your words
5) I can't get a picture with juliana sophie evans and her top 5 models from elizabeth arden, estrella and estranged in graduation nite 09 if i juz listen to those words of yours all the time. owh, dont forget about the 9 course food tasting for grad nite a week before the event.
6) wow! tickets for MTV World Stage live in Malaysia diz coming weekend. do you think i will get it from you? not a chance~
7) I never fear of going new place. because i dont have a sticky-forever friends who will back up each other if one of them(maybe 2) got into problem. fortunately, there is always who back up my ass if i got into a tiny problem.

8) to be continue <--quote from not-so-famous-Z*L.(he really said those words. dont blame me)

p/s: want to condemn me? don't forget to click at da advertisement~