Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mock Trial at Universiti Malaya

last nite, i went to Universiti Malaya(UM) with my neighborhood fren. i went there becoz my ex-school mate invite us to watch a theater by UM law student. it is called Mock Trial. diz year, they chose "sexual abuse" for the title.

after 10 seconds, it was not a REAL trial actually(which i was hoping so). it was full of jokes and most of them are very-very naughty jokes(lucah la...). but then, i was really having fun there.

the good thing is when i watching the mock trial, now i learn a little things about trial protokol, judiciary system, the law and bla bla bla....

Did u know?
1) when a child is called to be a witness in any trial, the judge and lawyer have to take off their robe to make the child more comfortable.
2) also, when a child is being called to be in the witness stand, the court must keep "yang tertuduh" to the other place. why?? the same answer, to comfort the child.
3) eventhough in font of u there is a knife, and u kill anonymous beside u with that knife. u cannot be charge with conviction murder because the defense councel doesn't have motif to convicted
4) prime minister will never be "yang tertuduh".huhu..joking~