Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why it is difficult to save money now?

I had RM50 yesterday in my wallet. Right now, i only have RM 7 and 30 cent only.sob2... Why is it so hard to save my money rite now? Is it only happen to me?

I still remember when i was still in the kindergarten, my mom gave me 20 cent to me everyday. I save up 10 cent everyday and I used 10 cent to bought an aiskrim potong. and i still managed to save my money everyday until i grad(wow! grad la konon) from kindergarten.
aiskrim potong in da picture.
(pic stolen from

nowadays, each time i recieved or get money from someone. it will end up buying stuff which suddenly come up in my mind. even when i deposited the money, it will not stay in the bank for too long. hurm...

p/s: somebody teach me the magic how-to-save-money-so-dat-i-can-become-rich plz...