Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yes & No

Is it hard to juz say YES if u want something and No if u dont want it? I really had a hard time with diz type of people who dont know to say YES and NO in a rite time & place.

Story 1:
I got 4 tix for MTV World Stage from Estranged(thanx guyz! u rock dat nite!). unfortunately, i cant go there becoz of certain problem. than i promote my tix in my blog and facebook. suddenly my out-of-nowhere frenz from school when i 13 years old ask me and begging me for the tix. i agreed to gave it to him all the tix after i collected it from Estranged. on dat day, i went to sunway piramid to collected the tix, then i went to my home to gave the tix to diz fren. and he juz sms me and told me dat he didnt want the tix. juz like dat. WTF man! i juz waste my time and my money for diz kind of bullsheit?!!! FCUK u la Bro! no need to help u anymore!

Story 2:
I got invited to Prema Yin Eyo Eyo EP & Video Launch last nite at Mist Club in Bangsar. Then, I told about the invitation to a fren of mine, and she really excited about dat. and she begging me like sheit to brought her to da club. she also sulked at me after i told her dat i cant do anything about dat. good thing to be a fren of me, i will help u if u ask me a favor... after i rearranged a thing or two about da invitation, then i invite her also to joined us. then the funny thing happen to me. apparently, she juz play around to me about want to join me to da club. she also pretend to sulked at me when i said i cant do anything about it. T_T

Yeah...dats wat i got after i sacrificed everything to help a fren. plz dont playing around too much lar. we are adult already guyz! dont know which 1 of my fren can be called "FRIEND" anymore.hurm....