Thursday, September 10, 2009

I went to a date with Paris Hilton a year ago

A story about how I met Paris Hilton sometimes a year ago. and it was a date. i think. the memory with her is still lying fresh inside my mind. hihi(smile naughtily)

The story took place in Los Angeles soccer stadium when i watching David Beckham playing for LA Galaxy against DC United. i was there in the stadium with my fren excitedly watching da match until half time. then i asked my fren to bought drink since we are screaming and cheering for david beckham for 45 minutes non-stop.

After my fren left, suddenly out of nowhere there is a girl went beside me and sit at my fren's seat. she's wearing a nice white dress, sunglasses and a hat dat covering almost all of her face. she's smile at me then i replied my smile back.what the heck is diz phrase mean?(-_-'). i peep at her skirt face for a while. wow! she's really cute(although at that time i still haven't recognize her). when i trying to peep her again, she turn her face to me with an angry face. owh damn! did she knew it dat i was peeping her all the time?

After she looked at me with her red face, she put her face on my shoulder and her hand is at my neck. "OMG! wat the hell is happening rite now?" i monologue myself. "Syyyhhhhh" she whispered to me....yeah, i was grinning hornily(is such word exist?haha...) at dat time. who doesn't enjoy dat rite?huhu... a moment later, she sit back at her seat and then smile again at me. "Sorry" she said while her hand is cleaning her sunglasses. at that time i juz realized. "OMG! u are Paris Hilton rite?!" I said almost shouted. "yes i am" she said and smiling again. owh,that's sweet~

I couldn't say anything becoz i was so surprise at dat time. she realized dat and said "dont worry. i juz run away from my personal bodyguards. juz now they juz been through near us. dats why im hiding beside ur face. thanx anyway". "its okay. im fine anyway" i said dat to her. it make me look cool huh? "may I...." she didn't end the conversation and sit on my lap all of of a sudden. "please help me again will u? they are coming here again." she whispered. "erk.okay. my pleasure" i replied to her. "they are coming here. maybe they saw us juz now. kiss me!" she said to me. "what...!!" and i couldn't end my words becoz she already kiss me first.

Her bodyguards juz passed by us. "huuuhhhh" said us relieved. "i think we better go now. they will find us later if we stay here" said her. "but my fren....." i couldn't finish my word since she already grabbing my hand. "okay okay. then we go".

"excuse me. but can u lift me up for a while? im feeling nauseous" said her. juz after she finished her words, she fell in front of me. "u drunk? oh sheit. im dead now" i said to myself. first, i had to hid her. then i had to carried her. wat a bad day. i sent a text mesej to my fren dat i have to go back to our hotel(and he didn't reply my sms :().

And then, the worst thing happen. "uweeekkk". yeah, she vomited at my shirt. god damn it! the bell boy juz stood in front of me and doing nothing. i asked he bell boy where da toilet is and he told me da direction. luckily, there is a sharing toilet at da hotel. she juz vomiting again and again. i juz stood by her and relaxed her. when she feel okay, i asked her to sit at the room corner. "thanx." she said to me. "yeah, ur welcome. after all, u are a celebrity." i replied her. suddenly, she come to me and hugged me. "wat are u doing?!" i shouted at her. "im just doing u a favor"she answered me. after dat, she is trying to open my shirt. "what the heck?!!" i screamed at her.

"Tit tit tit tit. Tit tit tit tit. Tit tit tit tit". and da sound keep repeating. "your cellphone" she said and then she gave to me my phone. "thanks"

My phone screen shows "Alarm Clock 6.00 am"

OWH SHEIT!!!!GOD DAMN IT!!!WHAT THE F*** la weih!!!

sheit u alarm phone! u juz destroyed my dream!!!

yeah, it was a dream of mine diz morning. damn it!