Thursday, September 10, 2009


As I lives for these 21 years in my life, I has listened many nicknames from people around me. Wanna know all of them? alrite!

Parent, famili, uncle, auntie, cousin etc etc = Eddie

Darjah 1 until Darjah 3 = Aidi

Darjah 5 until Form 3 = Budak Lompat(why? becoz i didnt went to darjah 4)

Form 4 till Form 5 = Che Mat(becoz i looked similar to a technician in da school named Che Mat. WTF!)

Uniten and Politeknik Shah Alam = John from UK(yeah, u know wat UK stands for rite?my hometown.haha)

Fespic Games KL'06 = Joey(those people from UPM told me dat my face juz look da same wif their senior.dem!)

Kem Remaja Bestari 07 = Jimmy(jimmy asmara bebeh!)

Kem Motivasi Felda 07 = Joe

Online Forum = Kassim(reason? becoz im tired of those english-macho nicknames.huhu)

Yahoo Mesenger nick = Aidi Comey(haha...)

Normal People baru kenal = Aidi-Safuan

p/s: ouh...diz is not a tagged actually. im trying to kill my boredom tonite! haha...