Wednesday, September 2, 2009

People see what they want to see

A company make profit RM 1 million.

"Our company succeed" - employee see like this
"Our company still haven't succeed. RM 10 millions. then we succeed" - boss see like this.huhu...

A man drives a car way over the speed limit
"He is crazy! driving car like dat!" - some people see this
"He must be catching that ambulance. maybe his family inside there. hope everything is fine." - the other people see this

A young girl tested HIV positive
"She must be a whore" - a normal-typical thought of people
"Maybe she received a blood from a HIV positive patient. who knows?" - a very-very rare thought of people. I mean a good 1.

The color personality test shows u have a negative thought
"dat juz a dumb-stupid question i did. i dont believe all da description they gave in dat quiz" - said a person
"wow..maybe i should change after diz. to be a better person i hope" - said another person

so, what do u see through me? (^_^)