Saturday, October 24, 2009

10 Things I Hate About Facebook!

  1. Happy Birthday Wishes
    Yeah, I did receive a lot of wishes on my birthday. And also a lot of birthday present. Thank you. What should i do with all the gift?

  2. Chat
    Bing! "Hye Aidi. What are u doing?". And everytime i chatting with someone, facebook chat always disconnect automatically. and i have to wait for the connection to establish again. WTF!

  3. Updating Status
    I have a lot of frenz whose always updating their status like hell. "im hungry". A few minutes leter is "who want to have dinner with me?". After dat they published"now im eating at warung" (sent through facebook mobile). Wat the heck man!

  4. Too Old people on facebook
    A lot of my teacher from my secondary school sent a request to be my frenz! no way man!(since I always gossiping about them in my school alumni group in facebook)

  5. Group Request
    Farmville Request, Mafia Wars Request, Sorority Life Request and so on. After i said no to all of it, my request section is still increased daily. God knows how much i hate it

  6. Video/Picture Comment
    if u guyz want to comment about video/picture, plz comment nicely. Don't just post something like diz "haha...". or maybe like this "LOL". dats was never considered as comment okess

  7. Sibling/relative Request
    What u should any sibling/relative of mine add me as frenz in my facebook? They already knew me rite?!

  8. Tagged Photos which is not belong to me
    There are too many people at facebook whom like to tagged me. If the picture contains me, then dats fine. But what if they tagged me at "Cancer people", "My top 20 stalker" or maybe "Price of my frenz". what the heck man! why the hell i want to stalk u?!

  9. Notification
    If i comment to any frenz status, i will be notified to the rest of my life if someone comment at the same status. dats bullsheit lah!

  10. Automatic enlarged advertisement
    This is the most thing i hate about facebook. Almost every time when im playing games at facebook and i want to scroll down my cursor, then i accidentally scroll at the advertisement, then the ads will enlarged almost half of the page of my screen. and the fukking thing about da ads is, it dont shrinkage back until i click "close" button. damn it!

p/s: its not like i fakking hate facebook. but these are juz things dat i find slightly obnoxious.