Monday, October 5, 2009

200th Post Milestone

Michael Jackson, Yasmin Ahmad, Patrick Swayze, P. Ramlee, Sudirman and many more. Same thing about them is they are all dead. Also, they was hated when they are still alive. example of michael jackson. People said he is wacko, kuda belang(zebra) becoz of his skin and many more. About yasmin ahmad, people said she had trans-gender when she was small, she always produced a racial movie etc etc. Same goes with others people.

But, after they are all gone. All the cursed words is gone juz like dat. Now, all the people are praising them. "he was a king of pop", "she was a great movie director", "he was a multi-talented which only appears every 10 years" and watsoever. Damn! Where are all the cursing go?hurm..

I still remembered a fren of mine, who was hated sooo much to Yasmin Ahmad, becoz all of her movies were controversy. but now, all he said is "Malaysia has lost a great director", "we are very sad about her" and more. hurm...people do change so fast~

Almost dying change nothing. Dying change everything.