Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ambang 10 tahun PRS Uniten

Yeah, let the poster explain everything about the event. ooohhh, they forgot to said what I can get if i go to diz event.

The first thing in my mind, the food!!!!
  1. Nasi Beriyani Batu Pahat
  2. Chicken Chop Mini Cooper
  3. Pasta Berahi (translate in English: The Horny Pasta. OMG!)
  4. Special Roasted Mutton
  5. Makanan-makanan Raya (rendang ayam,kuah kacang & etc.)
  6. Roti Jala Boom
  7. Marshmallow
  8. Ais Blended
Oh gosh! Can't wait to eat all of diz stuff!

Also, the special included voucher if I go to diz event; the special voucher inserted in the goodies bag and the howt chicks at the registration booth!



Kenny Roger's Roasters

Chikuyo Vegetarian Cuisine


and many more!!