Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Project Alpha Volume 2

All of u must be laughing like hell after u guyz read about this! (click me~)

Since i didnt even noticed anything about Project Alpha until Beautifulnara was interviewed by Jojo Struys (see how pathetic i am.sob2...). And i am so much more pathetic when i got to know dat my favourit event blog ever, Nicolekiss also got interviewed by Jojo.(again, sob2...)

When i opened Project Alpha web page, AGAIN! i didnt even realize about nicolekiss being interviewed(since i juz found out about project alpha, i only saw beautifulnara episode) becoz da "next" button is sooo small!(blame nuffnang for dat.haha...).

See how small the button is? huhu...

Waiting Mode: I was so excited diz morning to see nicolekiss episode being loaded. yeah~


An error occured?!!! WTF lah weih!

i've been waiting about half an hour for da episode to be loaded by youtube. sob2... finally, the page start to loaded! yeah~

The episode start when Jojo get caught with her "bantal busuk" in her room. haha....

And finally, Nicolekiss is here~~~~~~~~

erkkkk......wat da heck is diz??!!!!!
haha...diz is da picture he blog about when he traveled lah...hihi..

okay, now diz is da right picture of her.sorry nicole.hihi...
(da gurl was so lucky! damn im jeles~)

She is so frenly guyz! see, even da crew can happily chatting with her.

Special scene of the week at Project Alpha:
Nicole eating a Grasshopper!