Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Projek Alpha?What's dat?

I was always wondering why people around me(especially blogger) kept talking and gossiping about Project Alpha. Wat da heck is dat??

I've kept searching about the Project Alpha and da interesting thing is Project Alpha is brought to us by Nuffnang (together with other sponsor also). I was like, "Wat?!! why the heck i didn't noticed anything about dat at all???". Then, I looked up at Nuffnang homepage.....

plz ignore the restaurant city at my laptop toolbar.

owh, dats why lah i didn't noticed about that. I was too rushing looking at my current earning and missed that little icon of Project Alpha.(sorry Nuffnang!hihi...).

Commercial Break:

Project Alpha basically is about the lifestyle of the famous blogger in Malaysia(I think so). owh, and it is also hosted by Jojo Struys! fewit~

Jojo Struys with Adidas Action 3 Deodorant

This week, Project Alpha presents to you, Beautifulnara! *clap-clap*

OMG! What a shock! Beautifulnara actually is a boy!

Beautifulnara is all about celebrity in Malaysia. and guess what. how much do you think his blog visitors are?

Its 2.5 Million Visitors!!! Could u believe dat?!! and my blog visitors is juz around 300++ visitors only. sob2... T_T

This is the scene where Jojo want to leave his house becoz he said Jojo is not as beautiful as Scha Alya! How dare u said dat?!!

Special scene of this week at Project Alpha:
Jojo Struys is actually wearing a tudung!