Thursday, October 29, 2009

A snake bites my neck!

It was a bad bay for me. diz morning, i was being bitten by a snake. sob2... the snake looks very cute and tame when i touched it. suddenly, it became so wild and poisonous! damn da snake keeper! why didn't u warned me for dat before?!! huh!

Wanna see da picture of da snake when it bite me?

The last picture was taken juz before the snake bites me!

The snake keeper was shocked about da incident. Then.......

yeah, he shot da snake using diz bullet! how cruel of him! and please juz ignore about da "TING" book. since i dont have any money in dat bank. TQ~

after dat, da snake keeper made a report to his supervisor about da incident.

waiting for the caller~

Guess what? the sign "ANGALORE" is a short form of BANGALORE, INDIA. and yeah, diz was my first time using a video conference. so jakun~