Sunday, November 1, 2009

Calling Cuci-cuci services after watching Cuci The Musical!

Yesterday was da first time i went to Istana Budaya. (21 years old already and never been there before. humph!). It was great. And watching Cuci The Musical is even better.

Trying to kiss all the main actor of Cuci The Musical(Gay Mode~)

It was so fun watching them on stage. The feeling of watching them juz in front of me is so much different than watching them in the movie.


Harith Iskandar & Vanidah Imran

Hans Isaac, Afdlin Shauki, AC Mizal and Awie

Dah2, abes da nih. sila balik~

Balik jer menonton Cuci The Musical, teros tengok "Michael Jackson's This Is IT" untuk kali kedua. tempat yang sama, Galaxy Ampang. Guess who I bumped into yesterday?

The Legend of Mr. Laser; Azwan Ali