Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My first time contest!

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well, like i told u guys in the previous entry. Aidi-Safuan will organize a contest. and, this is it! hoho...

The Contest: write anything you guys know about Aidi-Safuan. erk, not the real person himself lor. but his blog of course. what Aidi-Safuan.blogspot.com is all about. and yeah, u guys have the permission to slam me all you want. u can kutok me or watever u want to say in your blog post. picture and video will be a bonus point. hehe...

The Due Date: well, this contest will start right now and it will end on 1st disember 2009 at 12 PM

The Winner: hurm, there will be no number 1 to number 10 position in this contest. but there is only the best top 10 blog post about aidi-safuan will be selected as the winner.

The Prize: haha.... this is what u guyz waiting for right? by the way, i will tell u guys something first. actually all the prize is giveaway vouchers i received from my previous event such as Gradnite Dinner 2009 at Uniten, Karnival Mahahsiswa 2009 at Politeknik Shah Alam and many more. Since i still have a lot of balance vouchers in my home, why don't i give it all to my readers right?hehe... so, below is the picture of the vouchers.

The S. Pro Faye Nails, Station Kopitia, Hairkunst, Chikuyo and Liz Clairborne

Finally, what you guys have to do is just post something about Aidi-Safuan in your blog and send your blog permalink to me. Either at this comment section or you guys can send an email to me at aidisafuan.prsuniten@gmail.com

Good Luck!