Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Project alpha Version sixthseal

OMG! project alpha akhirnya melabuhkan tirainya pada minggu ini. **mood sedih kejap............ okay sekarang mood ceria nak bercerita pasal sixthseal plak! hehe...

Presenting to you.... This is Sixthseal!!!

(i think im much more cute than him. am i rite or am i rite?)
And guess what? he was a drug addict sometimes ago.
and a hardcore one also! woooo...

say wekk!!! to drug!

did you guys believe dat his hobbies are body piercing and tattooing?
what the heck? are u a pain-seeker?

okay, this picture below said it all! sekarang dah paham.
**jauhkan diri daripada sixthseal kalau tak nak disakiti~

alrite! but do you really think sixthseal is the real deal?
now, let see if he can challenge the "fire".
i mean, real fire. hehe....

On your mark!

setting the fire and get set!

Fire in the hole!!!!!

now let see sixthseal's face after he burned himself. smile~