Monday, January 4, 2010

A really "Happy" New Year 2010 for me. Wish this "happy" day won't happen again on new year 2011

1st January 2010. the day that i received present from syima. haha... new year pon nak hadiah ke? gedix! actually i've won a contest at her blog lah. jealous la u all nih. hehe...

p/s: sorry syima. curik picture nih kat blog anda. hoho...

dah dapat hadiah, terase sakit perot plak. jom pegi berak. toilet jaya Jusco besh woo..

and then, the incident happens~

the first thing i realized, my "back" already covered with blood!
*sorry no picture of my butt in this entry*

really hope my virginity is not affected. sob2...

p/s/s: ciss! bad start of 2010. i swear i won't watch porno anymore.