Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear Girls, is it so hard to just admit that u like someone?

I think it's been a while when i last writing a post in English. hehe... (^_^)

I don't quite understand. is it really hard to just admit that u like/love someone? especially for girls. is it true that girls are so embarrassed to just say "I like U" ?

Last year, there is a girl who had a crush on me. (aku rasa english aku nih cam aneh. tapi...... well, abaikan jerla. :p ). She always asking me out. "teman beli barang la, teman pergi makan la, teman hantar assignment la". also, the famous and also the lamest tactic to ask someone out: Group Studies. HAHA... She used that too. (-_-")

I started to suspicious about her objective when she always asking me out and she also treat me KFC everytime we went out! haha... then a few week later, she started to avoid me. maybe she knew from someone that i already had girlfriend at that time. well, actually i'm kind of relieved also. BAHAYA. lols!

But the story didn't end there. After that, she tell everyone in the class that i'm the one who actually fell in love with her. what the F ?! tak pasal-pasal aku pulak yang kena? HAHA...

actually, i'm kind of pissed when i commented at this status (-_-") HAHA...well, it is so hard to just admit that u like or love someone? tapi nak buat camner kan. Justin Bieber versi Malaysia nih memang ramai peminat kan... (takder kaitan. :p )