Saturday, April 17, 2010

I won Blackberry Bold 9700 worth RM2k at Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair! Seriously!

Final update about Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair!

Well, i have to say that those who didn't came to this event seriously gonna regret it. Congratulation again to Nuffnang and Gatsby because they already set the new record for The Largest Bloggers Gathering.

Representative from Malaysian Book of Records giving the certificate. (pic taken by rina)

Hey, I'm the 117th person in this new record!

What did i got from this event? hehe... Let the picture talking~

Free T-Shirt!

Playing Mini Games!

Coupon? But for what?

To redeem your prize lorh~

The Prize!

By the way, something happened around 4 o'clock. The pillar they used to hanged the banner for Malaysia Book of record was felled and almost hit the blogger. But luckily no one got injured. :)

The Emcee

Last but not least, the lucky draw! Actually, i think this is the luckiest day of my life lah. why?

The first reason is, Xinxian (Blogger Relations Exceutive) from Nuffnang invited me to be one of the "Live Blogging" at Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair!

Aidi-Safuan and Xinxian

The second reason is, I just realized that i already have buffered earning running in my blog (YEAH!). And i seriously don't know what to do about it (-_-"). i heard that if u get buffered earning, u must blog about the advertisement. is it true guys? help me please~

The third and the final reason is, i just won a Blackberry Bold 9700 worth RM 2k++ at Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair through the lucky draw! Thanks Nuffnang! Thanks Gatsby!

Apa? korang ingat nih kotak kosong je ker? hehe...

Tadaa... my new phone probably? (^_^)

p/s: seriously. I still thinking that all this luck that suddenly happened to me today is just a dream. :)

p/s/s: to rina, sorry sangat sebab aku merampas impian ko yang datang gatsby deodorant street fair nih semata-mata nak dapat blackberry. :p