Monday, April 26, 2010

I won RM 2,000 at Keep Slim Ambassador-Hunt 2009/2010! Lucky!!!

First of all, special thanks to sumijelly for inviting me to Keep Slim Ambassador-Hunt 2009/2010.

I thought Keep Slim Ambassador-Hunt 2009/2010 is just a fashion show or something like that(sumijelly never told me anything about the event. Poor me. Huh!). Actually, the event is all about Keep Slim's consumer to fight among themselves to be the ambassador for Keep Slim (next year perhaps). Read full details HERE. But its not all about the weight loss contest, they also have to catwalk and answer the questions by the judge. Not bad huh?! By the way, this is just the semi final. The Grand Finale will be held on 30 April 2010 at Palace of the Golden Horses. WOW! Now, let the pictures talking!

The Stage. But im wondering why it have Sunsilk background there? :p

The Crowd. Since this was an invitation event only, Not so many people there.

Food is a must! :p

The Giveaways

The Contestants for Semi Finals

Master of Ceremony

Hanie. We were there to cheer for her

The Judges: Stella Matilda

The Judges: Ruhil Shafinaz

The Judges: Datin Noniswara Baharudin

The Finalist. Congratz!

Left to Right: Aidi-safuan, Sumijelly, Ruhil, Helena, Cik Lily Putih & Bean

Cik Lily Putih with Keep Slim's Promoter

Lunch at KFC. Have you tried KFC Krushers?

Post Party: Karaoke Session. :p

Owh, I almost forgot about the RM 2,000. tadaa~

Not 1, not 2. But all 6 of us got RM 2,000! Totally "sapu bersih" the prize. :p